Godfrey Kakulu

I'm Godfrey Kakulu – the passion behind Forex School Uganda. I'm a commited bornagain christian, bible teacher, private investment fund manager, fulltime currency trader, mentor and coach who has been involved with online trading since 2011 with a vast experience in both micro and mainstream financial sectors. Today I give trading lessons, mentorshp and coaching as well as consultancy in the global financial markets particularly Forex, Cryptocurrences, Commodities, Indexes and the Stock markets to both indivduals and corporates through live seminars, webnars, online training programs, financial conferences, one on one mentorship, and advisory services. Away from the financials, I like to spend time in both the expository and revelational teaching of biblical scriptures.

About Us

Trading the currency markets has never been any easier and fun than you will find it here. For anyone wondering if trading the forex markets could ever be for them, this will probably be the very last place you’ll ever need to go in your search for help in trading be it the forex markets, cryptocurrencies, indexes, commodities, stocks, metals or energies – no exaggerations. In your quest to trade the markets with confidence, assurance, and successful you’ve finally arrived at the right place, and taking nothing for granted we believe your coming here is divinely led. It a prayer answered, and you’ll soon find out why when you join the course.

You will learn our proprietary trading strategies that you can apply to trade any global financial market successfully. You’ll not miss another good opportunity in the markets. Our course teaches you to see and identify good opportunities and avoid bad ones at a glance. You’ll be able to spot potential big market moves as they form and ready you for entries with high precision and accuracy ahead of the markets.

We’ll teach you how to both Day trade and Swing trade as those are our specialties. So whether you are unemployed, a part-time employee or have a fulltime job our course and strategies are tailor-made to suit any situation or circumstance you find yourself in today. Moreover, after completing the course you’re not left to imagination or guessing when it comes to trading the markets. We first hand know the struggles every new trader experiences at the beginning of their trading journey. And as such, on completion we enter you in our daily trading program to help develop you from either a newbie with no trading experience or a struggling amateur trader into the professional you dream of.

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