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Welcome to the Forex School Uganda where we teach the mastery of the global financial markets. Your act of joining the course will probably be the best trading investment you’ve ever made. Our hands-on practical course is specifically targeted at putting you in a position of a successful trader. It’s made simple to enable you get a quick grasp of price action, market structure interpretation, and trade execution and management techniques with ease to enable you be ahead of the market and make consistent profits.


Its said 95% of those who start out trading fail because they’re doing what everyone else is doing and this course is purposely aimed at putting you in the top 5%. Trading has never been easier than we make it and you’ll have fun with the markets as you get to know what to trade, when to trade it, and exactly how to trade it with precision and accuracy the safest way by taking the course.


Our training program is a very complete program in which we teach what you need to know about the forex markets and the rules of our trading strategies. You can then trade with us every trading day as we analyze the markets for you breaking down the technical and fundamental aspects of the day and we show you how to apply these strategies in the real-time market with possible entries, stops and targets and answer any questions you might have.


Trading strategies can take a long time to develop. In our membership we freely share the strategies developed and tested over several years. These are strategies we use every single trading day to trade every financial market including Cryptos, Forex, Commodities, Energies, Metals, and Indexes, and can be applies on the stock markets.


We teach you these strategies and then trade them together with you by showing you the trades we are looking at for the day, the particular strategies we are going to be using for each our trade entry areas, stops and targets. This helps shorten your learning period from what would have been years of trial and error to learning to trade the markets like a professional in just days – and this is no exaggeration.


Our courses also provide the in-depth knowledge to enable you develop your own strategies using our trading methods by either tweaking and improving on ours or using the principles taught to develop your own that suits your desired trading style.


What separates us from other forex trading courses that offer supposedly “proven, guaranteed” strategies to make you money (many of which are not even traders but internet marketers and scammers selling you what you can get for free online), we teach a more personal trading development method, to empower you with the knowledge and skills to reach your personal trading goals.


Gain the ability to Make Money in Forex market, cryptocurrency, commodity market, Indexes, and the Stock market. You will gain mastery of the global financial markets by learning both the technical and fundamental aspects of the markets along with the order flow perspective and their everyday application using our time-tested trading strategies. Within these strategies we utilize what is commonly known as a price action strategy, along with the fundamental aspect to give a full and complete understanding needed to become a complete trader.


Price action is characterized by the technical aspect of the markets involving the movement of price over plotted time, market patterns and structure that are repetitive with statistical reliability and can be measured quantifiably as well as observed. The fundamental aspect involves the analysis of order flow and macro-economic events and data.


The combination of both the technicals and fundamentals allows us to have a clear indication of when there is a greater probability of price moving in a given direction over the other, and helps us to fairly predict next price movements with accuracy and get involved way ahead of the markets thus having an edge.


The course is specifically designed to be easily understood by both the experienced trader and the newbie without a clue on currency trading. Its simplicity, detailed approach, and step by step breakdown is meant to help turn one from a casual markets visitor to a trading professional in the shortest possible time


You’ll learn how to:

Identify key price levels

Identify and trade price patterns and market structure

Analyze the markets like a professional

Trading psychology

Risk and money management

Supply and demand

Price chart reading and technical analysis and interpretation for predicting next market moves

Day trading

Swing trading

Market Structure and Stages

Pattern identification and interpretation

How to find market direction and predict next price moves with accuracy

How to time your entries, trade management with entry and exit strategy

How and when to use limit orders, stop orders, and market orders.

How to Set and Forget trades for minimum market involvements and maximum gains.

Godfrey Kakulu

Our strategies to get that much needed time to enjoy your family and friends while your trades run No more 9 to 5 work stress. Enjoy your family and friends as your trades run.

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