Dare To Dream, And Have The Boldness To Pursue It

Dare To Dream, And Have The Boldness To Pursue It

I believe that everyone is born unique but unfortunately through the years we work very hard to be like everyone else – a supervisor, a manager, a director, name all the enviable titles that make us feel like we are ‘somebody’ or have got ‘somewhere’ as though we weren’t before. These no doubt help our egos and perhaps raise our esteem, but many times they alienate us from our truest potential and turn us into the most distant strangers to our own life’s purpose and calling. As such, we end up conforming to society’s so-called “common-sense.” Unfortunately, it is just that – “common sense”. That does not mean its “good sense.”


There will be times along your journey of life towards your desired goal when you will be faced with extremely tough decisions to make, decisions like giving up your career to pursue your dream.  Such times will make your mind scream for fear, tremble at the unknown, and will make you reconsider your ability to accomplish your dream. They will make you come up with excuses to procrastinate. They will make you feel hopeless, powerless, and frustrated. They’ll make you doubt your reasoning, present imaginary pending disaster in your mind. And oh, the sleepless night, the horrors of facing the rising sun!

These are the times when you will find out what you’re really made of. These are the moments you will find out just how much you want your dreams. We spend so much of our lives chasing after many, many, many dreams. But unfortunately, however big and great the dreams we have of the future we desire, and the things we want to have, do, or become are, they will only remain dreams, making us distant strangers to our own true selves, so beautiful in our imagination but just that – at worst mere wishes that will never become anything, or at best kites that where never given opportunity to fly. Dreams realized are decisions embarked 


Granted, some actions don’t come easy in life. Many times there’s seemingly more to lose than gain, everything from the titles, the privileges, and the security of one’s livelihood, and everything that only keeps us bound to our today, blinds us from our tomorrow and denies us our future. Sometimes our present is so comfortable that it’s a haunting thought giving it up for the future uncertain. It can be so crippling letting go of what is sure for the land unknown whose yields are subject to many factors beyond your control.


I remember such a time in 2013 as I mulled over quitting my bank job for fulltime trading and investment. I had personally seen people bade farewell either by retirement, termination, dismissal, transfer or on resignation and I imagined what that day would be like when my turn came to walk out of the doors of employment forever. I’d first resigned my job in 2011 according to my dream plan timeline but I felt the Lord tell me my time wasn’t ready yet. My employers were gracious enough to take me back after asking me to withdraw my resignation thanks to two senior employees that saw to it that one of the reasons for my earlier resignation were cleared. I’ll eternally be grateful to them for their graciousness. But that lengthened my dream journey by another year and a half when I would finally know for sure with certainty that the right time had come for me to quit anything called ‘formal employment’.


My wife who had just had our first child objected to it but finally gave a nod of approval and in went my second resignation letter this time into permanent retirement – a sentiment I made clear to my colleagues as I bade them goodbye and let them know I would never allow myself to be employed by any human institution ever again as long as I lived unless I was coming in as an external consultant. I had to make sure I would be embarrassed if I decided to change my decision. I had basically ‘burnt my ships after landing ashore an enemy island and I had to no choice but to win or there would be no chance for me surviving. I was trying my best to burn all my bridges with formal employment so I would never be tempted again with any offer anywhere on this planet. 


That day will onetime come for you when you’ll sadly but with so much gladness and happy tears have to say ‘goodbye” to meet a new tomorrow as you choose to transition from your present into the future. It could come early by reason of choice like mine did, or later by retirement. Either way it will come, just be sure its not termination or dismissal as that may hurt your reputation so desperately needed this side in the business world. You can’t complete your book of life unless you close one chapter and turn on the next.


Such is the game of life my dear. So beautiful but too short. The time we have on earth is so small, a fleeting breathe, one fragile heartbeat away from eternity that we have to let our kites fly while it’s still called ‘today’ or we’ll live the rest of our lives wondering how high they might have flown. 


Life is like a star that shone like a flash yesterday and the next moment was gone with the wind. It’s like a play that was never given enough stage-time. It’s no wonder that in this world we are like actors on the big stage. Time comes when the curtains close before us and we have to leave the stage and give way for others.


There will be a time when you’ll have to choose between being called wise for remaining indecisive and living in regret for the rest of your life, or you’ll have to risk being called foolish for making an unpopular decision to follow the yearning of your heart and the intensity of your dream that only you can ever fully understand in the quest to live happily ever after. We all have just one life to live and only one life time to live it as far as this temporary side of heaven goes. The only chance to ever fulfill our dreams is to pursue them while it is still called “today”. I guarantee you, tomorrow will never come. And until the conviction is so overwhelming to the point of ‘now or never’, your wait continues but unfortunately life doesn’t.


And so today if that dream to you is to trade the forex, commodities, index or stock markets, no worries. That’s what I started this school for – to help people like you fulfill the best of your dreams and will help walk you every step of the way into reality. Consider joining our membership and the rest will be history.

That said, one thing remains – Jesus is Lord and the only answer to all life’s questions!


Godfrey Kakulu

Forex Trading Coach and Mentor

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Godfrey Kakulu

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